Reproductive rights / Access to housing / Strong workforce & economy / Quality childcare & education / Environmental justice & climate action / LGBTQIA+ / Gun responsibility


It’s important to note that issues affecting large portions of our district are disproportionately felt by natives and communities of color. I am committed to analyzing all legislation with a lens of equity to move our society to a point where race and ethnicity can no longer be used to predict a person’s outcomes in life.



Reproductive rights are not just a woman’s issue. I am a firm believer that men must consider the shared responsibility of sexual and reproductive health and protect a woman’s ability to make her own choices. In Olympia, I will directly engage to protect reproductive rights for all women and help win the fight for gender equality. I am committed to:

  • Protect the access to REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE, including ABORTION and CONTRACEPTION
  • Increase the SAFETY and security of all patients, providers, and clinics
  • Use my expertise with technology to protect the PRIVACY of patients so their data cannot be used against them



Our neighbors are often pushed out due to the rising cost of living in our community, elders are forced to sell their homes due to increasing property taxes, and renters have few protections. I have firsthand experiences with the problems in the housing market and power imbalance between owners and renters. In Olympia, I will ensure tenants have the proper protections, fix the forces which have created the current housing crisis, protect our current residents and homeowners, and strengthen our safety net so that temporary hardships do not end in people losing their homes. I will fight to:

  • Strengthen TENANT PROTECTIONS so that landlords can’t exploit renters and can be held accountable if they do
  • Support RENTAL ASSISTANCE to help families navigate the COVID pandemic and other temporary life hardships
  • Reduce deficit of MISSING MIDDLE HOUSING by ending exclusionary zoning in transit rich areas
  • Continue state investment in AFFORDABLE HOUSING
  • Provide housing VOUCHERS so that working people can afford to live in existing market rate housing



Too many people are struggling to make ends meet, and the pandemic has only made this worse.  As a professional soccer referee, I stood with our union to win fair compensation by using a work stoppage. I understand the value of the labor movement and support improved compensation, conditions, and benefits for all working people. I will fight to:

  • Support WORKER RIGHTS and LIVABLE WAGES, promoting UNIONS and the ability for workers to organize for quality wages, benefits, and safety protections contribute to increased community purchasing power and a healthy economy.
  • Protect and invest in small businesses by increasing ACCESS TO CAPITAL and INCUBATION PROGRAMS for micro-entrepreneurs
  • Address the barriers to ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES and GENERATION WEALTH for communities of color, communities with low incomes, and immigrants who may lack the necessary capital to start a small business



The costs to care for and educate our children continue to climb for families in Washington and force them to make sacrifices. My parents felt those sacrifices as they camped out overnight to get me into the best public schools. When we ensure all our schools and students have the resources they need, we will see incredible results. I will fight for families in the 37th District and across the state to:

  • Expand access to quality EARLY EDUCATION and CHILDCARE
  • Ensure Washington schools lead the nation in STEM offerings
  • Expand investments in TRADE, certificate, and APPRENTICE programs to prepare young people for jobs in high demand fields
  • Increase access to collegiate education by first funding FREE 2 YEAR COLLEGE



Climate change and pollution are an immediate threat to our existence. The 37th District disproportionately experience air and water pollution due to the proximity to pollution and hazardous water. Washington faces serious impacts to its ecosystem, infrastructure, and water supplies as the climate changes and temperatures increase. In Olympia I will:

  • Fight for ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE disproportionately in BIPOC and lower income communities adjacent to transportation infrastructure and hazardous sites
  • Use the best SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to create sound policy decisions
  • Support efforts to replace aging systems with CLEAN ENERGY and expanding adoption and accessibility of rooftop solar
  • Lead strong ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS for our state’s valuable forests, waterways, and unique ecosystems



Everyone in deserves equal treatment under the law, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. I will advocate for, and elevate the voices of, the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure equity in all aspects of state government. I am committed to:

  • Reaffirm the RIGHT TO MARRY the partner of your choice
  • Expand access to high-quality health care for LGBTQIA+ individuals, including removing barriers to medications like PrEP
  • PROTECT LGBTQIA+ individuals from violence, particularly transgender women of color
  • Ensure FAIR TREATMENT of LGBTQIA+ individuals in the criminal justice system



A person is killed in Washington State with a gun every 14 hours. Gun violence is all too common now in our society, and the debates that have followed have been predictable. I have lost many friends and community members to gun violence. This is the horrible reality for me and America. Although gun violence is preventable, we all know someone affected by it. I will fight to:

  • Protect “red flag” laws that empower families and law enforcement to prevent gun tragedies by temporarily RESTRICTING ACCESS to guns for individuals at an elevated risk of harming themselves or others
  • RAISE THE AGE to buy a semi-automatic rifle
  • RESTRICT GUNS at city and county council meetings, school board meetings and ballot counting centers
  • BAN GHOST GUNS that people can buy online and assemble at home to evade background checks